Brown County

  • County Seat:
    Mount Sterling
  • Previous Seats:
  • Area:
    307 square miles
  • Population:
    4,183 (1840 Census) - 6,937 (2010 Census)
  • Named for:
    Jacob Brown, War of 1812 General
  • Created on:
    February 1, 1839


Adams et al. v. King et al

Adams's declaration asserted that the King and others jointly and severally promised to pay Adams and others a specified sum after six months, as administrators of Abner Chase, deceased. King's demurrer was overruled, leading to judgment for the Adams. King and others appealed, citing errors in the demurrer. The Supreme Court upheld the judgment, stating that the promise to the plaintiffs, described as administrators of Abner Chase, was valid.