The Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission was created in 2007 to assist and advise the Illinois Supreme Court in acquiring, collecting, preserving, and cataloging documents, artifacts, and information relating to the Illinois judiciary. The Commission seeks to accomplish much of its work in partnership with historical and cultural institutions; bar associations; universities; law schools; and federal, state, and local agencies.

The Commission's Projects

The Commission has produced publications, exhibits, and programs to educate the legal profession and the general public about the role of the judicial branch and its importance in interpreting laws. The intended audience gains an understanding of government and civics, resulting in a more engaged citizenry.

New Commission book announced!

Adjudicating Illinois: Justices of the Illinois Supreme Court is a biographical compilation of the lives and careers of the 117 individuals (113 men and 4 women) who have sat on the Supreme Court of Illinois since 1818. The roster of justices includes governors, senators, a presidential candidate, a professional football player, and career lawyers and judges. Part reference and part narrative, Adjudicating Illinois tells the story of Illinois through the people who decided the state’s paramount issues and through the cases that demonstrate changes in society, agriculture, technology, and many other issues affecting Illinois and beyond.

History of the Commission & History on Trial

The following thirteen-minute video provides a short history of the Commission and focuses on the Commission's most successful program: History on Trial. The History of Trial series highlights modern public policy issues through the use of historic trials. The video was produced by Foxhole Creative, Chicago.