2016 Illinois History Fair Award Presentation - May 6, 2016


This year, the Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission gave an award for the most outstanding exhibit based on a famous Illinois Attorney, Clarence Darrow. This year's recipient was Christopher Zrazik, a 7th grader from Catherine Cook School. Christopher’s work on the exhibit was outstanding. His primary sources were great, the theme was clear throughout the display, and his presentation was awesome too!

The award was presented by Matt Burns, Director of Administration for the Commission. Congratulations Christopher! The Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission looks forward to presenting more awards at the Illinois History Fair. For more information on receiving an award feel free to contact us at (217) 670-0890 or by email at webmaster@illinoiscourthistory.org

Governor Rauner also attended the 2016 Illinois History Fair to present the Governor's Award.

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