Unveiling of the Albert Krehbiel painting - March 9, 2010


2010 Unveiling Ceremony—

Justice, Precedence, and Record

The Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission hosted the unveiling of the restored painting that won artist Albert Krehbiel's commission to paint thirteen murals in the Illinois Supreme Court Building in 1907.

On March 9, 2010, the Illinois Supreme Court reconvened in the name of art. Chief Justice Thomas Fitzgerald opened with a few personal words of his recollection of the murals on his first visit to the building.

Most of the Krehbiel family was in attendance including the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the artist. Other dignitaries included Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan and Senate President, John Cullerton, originators of the legislation to create the Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission.

The standing-room-only audience was then captivated by the unveiling of the original artwork. The model of the center figure in the painting was Albert's wife, Dulah. The painting sets the theme of the thirteen contiguous murals. The painting was stored in a basement and was damaged due to rambunctious children. It has been said that the painting even sustained damage from the grandchildren's bb gun.

The painting is currently on temporary display in the Appellate Courtroom of the Illinois Supreme Court Building. The permanent location of the painting will be established upon completion of the capital project.