Conference on Illinois History - September 29 & 30, 2011


The Conference on Illinois History provides a venue for more than 30 sessions of presentations of scholarly papers, panel discussions, and educational workshops. The conference is attended by more than 350 people each year. Attendants include historians, scholars, teachers, and students. Also, exhibits are on display for two days to showcase Illinois publishers, new and used book dealers, and Illinois historical agencies and archives.

Teachers can attend workshops at the conference to learn new perspectives and teaching techniques in history. The conference is accredited by the Illinois Board of Education for Continuing Professional Development Units.

This year was the 13th year for the conference, and the Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission displayed some of our current projects and educational materials. This year’s conference presented on various topics in Illinois history such as legal history, religion and Lincoln, and Victorian mourning practices. Two of the Commission’s researchers, Kelsey Stybr and Justin Law, presented their papers and audio can be accessed below.