Reenactment of Myra Bradwell - Chicago, December 09, 2011


In the Illinois Supreme Court opinion denying Myra Bradwell's law license, Justice Charles Lawrence asked what effect women lawyers would have in the legal profession, noting that the question could be answered only in the light of experience. Hear the women who have illuminated the path of women in the law.

Hon. Shirley Abrahamson, Chief Justice, Wisconsin Supreme Court
Hon. Anne M, Burke, Justice, Illinois Supreme Court
Hon. Rita B. Garman, Justice, Illinois Supreme Court
Hon. Mary Ann G. McMorrow, Chief Justice (ret.), Illinois Supreme Court
Hon. Dawn Clark Netsch, Professor of Law Emerita, Northwestern University
Hon. Mary Jane Theis, Justice, Illinois Supreme Court
Moderated by Terri Mascherin, Immediate Past President, Chicago Bar Association