Rededication of the Illinois Supreme Court Building


On October 7, 2014, the Illinois Supreme Court rededicated the building after its thorough refurbishing. Most notably, a new HVAC system was installed. The new system better controls the climate and humidity helping to prolong the life of the building and its historic interior. Also, new wiring was installed allowing for data connectivity throughout the building. A new camera system was also installed so arguments before the court can be captured in higher video and audio quality. Chief Justice Garman, Governor James R. Thompson, and Richard D. Felice, President of the ISBA, all gave presentations. After the presentations, world-renowned performers Nathan and Julie Gunn performed. Nathan Gunn is the great-grandson of former Chief Justice Walter M. Gunn who served on the court from 1938-1951.

View the recording below of the event captured by the Supreme Court cameras.

Images of the event are courtesy of Mark Skube of the Illinois State Bar Associaiton.